Recreational Properties

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Recreational properties are different from other properties in many ways. Some of the most important things to think about as investor is:

  • They are more sensitive to market conditions since they are a luxury and something people avoid spending money on during tough times.
  • They are mainly used during a small part of the year. Making them seasonal income sources.
  • People expect other things than they do in regular properties.
  • They often rent for short periods. Weeks or even days.
  • They are often located in isolated areas which can make transportation of materials hard.
  • They are seasonal objects that fetch a higher price right before high season and a lower price right after.

All of these things and many other  need to guide you as investor. Investing in recreational properties are not for everyone. If you want to invest in recreational properties you will have to device a strategy suitable for your area. Investing in recreational properties can be very lucrative. Especially if you can get in on the action early in a new up and coming tourist destination.

If you want to develop a strategy for investing in recreational properties there are some things that you should always think about. The first thing is the seasonal changes in price. You should always buy properties after the high season when the prices are lower. Almost everyone knows that the prices are higher before the high season. Anyone selling after the high season is going to be a very motivated seller. They might have financial problems or grown tired of their property. It is regardless of the reason a good opportunity for you to get a great deal.

You should not be afraid to buy properties at other times of the year if a good deal surface. In this case you will likely have to act very quickly before someone else buys the property. There are numerous reason that a seller might want a quick sale before the high season. Examples of such reasons include divorce, financial problems, and needing the money for another investment.

ski houseAnother reason when you might want to buy before the high season is when a premium property that you kept your eyes on comes on the market. If that property is important for your overall strategy it might be worth paying a premium for it.

An added benefit of buying a property after the high season is that you got the entire off season to renovate the property. Plenty of time to be ready to cash in on the next high season.

It is also impart that you remember that the property will likely be empty during the low season. This means that all properties needs to cleaned and spruced up before each high season. It also means that you need to set the price high enough to earn a years income in a few months.

Since all your business will take place during a short period you might want to hire an assistance during high season if you own multiple properties. Remember that most renters will only stay for a few days or weeks. This produce a lot of work for you. Inspections need to be made, the properties need to be cleaned between each renter and you need to welcome new renters.

Always adjust the amenities you offer, the price point, the standard of the units and its overall design to suit the area they are located in. Offer the renters what they want.